Cargo fleet

International Forwarding offers a variety of delivery options for customers. Check out our fleet spec list or get in touch to discuss your cargo needs.

Pallet delivery

We also have the ability and flexibility to increase our capacity immediately through trusted sub-contractors and our Platinum membership of Palletways. For European deliveries, we partner with many of Europe’s best transport and logistics companies to forward goods across the European mainland on our daily groupage trailer services.

You can read updates about new fleet additions, green initiatives and Clean Air Zones here.

Fleet specs

26-tonne-curtain-sider 26 tonne curtainsider

  • Length: 9.1m
  • Width: 2.5m
  • Height: 2.8m
  • Max payload: 14000kg
  • Tail lift: Yes
  • Sliding roof for overhead loading
18 tonne curtainsider

  • Length: 8.1–8.8m
  • Width: 2.45m
  • Height: 2.2–2.8m
  • Max payload: 9000kg
  • Tail lift: Yes
7.5 tonne curtainsider

  • Length: 5.85m
  • Width: 2.4m
  • Height: 2.1m
  • Max payload: 2500kg
  • Tail lift: Yes
Curtain side transit van

  • Length: 4m
  • Width: 2m
  • Height: 2m
  • Max payload: 1250kg
  • Tail lift: No
Tractor units

  • Our artics suit a variety of different trailer sizes and specifications to meet client requirements.
13.6m curtain side trailers

  • Length: 13.6m
  • Width: 2.4m
  • Height: 2.6m
  • Capacity: 26 standard UK pallets or 33 Euro pallets (non-stacked)
double-decker 2021 Double deck trailers

  • Length: 13.6m
  • Width: 2.55m
  • Side access height: 3.2m
  • Overall height: 4.8m
  • Capacity: 50 pallets maximum


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