Supply chain management

Let our third party logistics (3PL) services take the pain out of your supply chain and improve performance at the same time.

IFL Supply Chain Management

When you need someone to handle, store or process your cargo, International Forwarding can assist you in every aspect of logistics and delivery. We offer a complete third-party logistics (3PL) package that can be scaled to suit your requirements. Our trained staff are highly experienced and supported by back office systems that keep control of your goods, handle stock management and provide our customers with superior tracking and performance data.

We offer the following services to help maintain a controlled and cost-effective supply chain:

Vehicle transport tracking

International Forwarding’s cargo fleet is managed by GPS transport tracking software so that we can locate our vehicles quickly if required.

Palletways vehicle tracking

As a Platinum member of Palletways – Europe’s largest palletised freight distribution network – we offer a customer login where any Palletways deliveries in the UK or Europe can be easily tracked at any stage of the delivery process.

Online track and trace

Through our Palletways membership, we have specialist state-of-the-art track and trace software in place to allow all our customers the facility to track and trace the transportation of their goods at every stage. For Palletways UK deliveries, we can also provide an estimated time of arrival.

Warehousing and logistics KPIs

We recognise that the entire logistics process needs to be fully managed and that our customers expect feedback on performance. We produce detailed KPIs for our clients covering both warehousing and logistics services.

Stock and warehousing inventory management

We use stock inventory and warehouse management systems to ensure that your products are tracked through our warehouse before leaving on their journey. It might be that your products are split and rebranded before forwarding, or it’s simply case of receive, store and re-ship.

EDI (electronic data interchange)

This standardised way to exchange data between different systems has immediate benefits, especially if you are customer looking for regular deliveries to multiple locations. In effect our EDI system becomes a natural extension of your own system – our solutions are totally scalable and related to the size of your business and your requirements, and data transferred to us is secure.