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Keep shipping costs down with our premier groupage service – the flexible, cheap and practical option for sending freight within the UK and to Europe.

Groupage warehouse worker

Groupage offers a cost-effective way to send freight to and from the UK and Europe. Booking is easy – no automated phone systems, just straight talking and fast quotes from our experienced staff.

What is groupage transport?

Groupage is when we consolidate a range of goods, normally pallets and parcels, onto single or multiple pallets to create a single, more cost-effective shipment. We retain control of the entire delivery process, including tracking and electronic proof of delivery (PODs).

Groupage quotes

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  • Frequent groupage transport available in the UK and across Europe.
  • Can be tied into our other services, such as air cargo and sea freight.
  • Flexibility allows us to use a number of carriers including our own fleet.
  • Consolidating freight reduces overall shipping costs for our customers.
  • All bookings handled by real people not automated phone systems.
  • We manage every stage from booking to delivery via our IT systems. Discrepancies are dealt with immediately.

Groupage rates

  • Tariffs costed are based on your own individual requirements.
  • Pallet/parcel size and weight, destination and delivery time affect prices.

UK groupage

  • Flexibility – we can schedule delivery for a specific date and time.
  • Full track and trace facilities and proof of delivery available where required.
  • On regular consignments, we offer an EDI facility (electronic data interchange) so you can place orders directly.
  • High levels of customer service.
  • Personal account manager for key accounts.

European groupage

  • Services in more than 10 countries across Europe.
  • A cost-effective ‘one-stop shop’ for exporters or importers with customers or suppliers in several European countries.
  • Attractive volume discounts available to customers with frequent shipments.
  • Our Platinum membership of Palletways gives access to Europe transport network for fast transit times on a daily basis for single pallet deliveries.
  • Barcode tracking system gives real-time information about your consignment.

Additional services

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