Freight to Italy


Enjoy competitive pallet delivery, groupage services and cargo haulage with our frequent and reliable freight shipping to Italy and its associated islands.


Shipping to Italy

Our UK-Italy shipments are based around a frequent trailer service – currently Tuesday and Friday – which International Forwarding has been operating successfully for many years.

Our two Italian partners are based in Milan/Turin and Montebelluna, north of Venice. Both logistics companies have transport hubs to store, manage and re-route groupage and pallet freight on to their final destination. We also take advantage of our membership with Palletways (Europe) – through their network we have access to more than 400 hubs throughout the continent for all palletised deliveries.

Similarly, we have our own transport hub in the UK (Birmingham) from which we can re-distribute products received from Italy, making it easy to distribute consignments whether you are an importer or exporter.