Shipping to Austria

Freight Services Austria

Working with our transport partner in Rankweil, we offer competitively priced, frequent trailer services to/from Austria.


Freight to Austria

International Forwarding is one of the few UK freight forwarders to offer frequent trailer services – currently Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday – to and from Austria and we have negotiated highly competitive rates. The Austrian market is one of IFL’s most effective and popular freight transport routes. We distribute to all major towns and cities in Austria, and also import goods from Austria into the UK, which can then be stored and re-distributed from our UK distribution warehouse.

We partner with a high-quality transport company and logistics operator in Rankweil in the Rhine Valley to provide excellent coverage of the country.

Both our UK and Austrian operations can provide full logistics services to handle the storage, management and distribution of your goods.

We can also provide you with a variety of freight options and individual rates to suit your requirements, for example, express freight services for customers who are in a hurry with further delivery options available by road and air.