Pallet delivery service – frequently asked questions


Get the FAQs on our pallet delivery services across the UK and Europe. As a Birmingham-based pallet delivery company, International Forwarding (IFL) primarily provides economy and express pallet delivery services across the UK and Europe (we also deliver to destinations worldwide).

We can generate bespoke multiple and single pallet delivery solutions across a number of industries. And we are members of the Palletways pallet delivery network, which gives our customers access to more than 400 freight depots and 23 transport hubs in 24 countries. This extensive network allows us to deliver items fast and cost-effectively for our customers.

Here we answer some of the frequently asked questions from our customers.

What is pallet delivery?

Pallets are used for heavy, large or smaller items in bulk. They are designed to support the weight of the goods and to ensure your cargo arrives safe and secure. A forklift is used to load pallets onto the loading truck and minimises the risks of damage through manual handling.

How do I send a pallet?

To ship a pallet with IFL, you must supply your own pallet and wrapping, and make sure that your pallet is suitable and stable for transportation. The next step is to obtain a pallet delivery quote – you can do this by clicking our ‘Get a quote’ button, calling us on +44 (0)1675 434690 or emailing

How much does it cost to send a pallet?

Pallet delivery costs take into account the size of the shipment, the weight, and the collection and delivery address. The more flexible you are on delivery times the lower the freight rates will be. We advise using a reliable freight forwarder to minimise the risks to your cargo and ensure safe arrival.

What are the pallet size and weight restrictions?

  • Full pallet – 120 x 100 x 220cm. Maximum weight 1200kg.
  • Half pallet – 120 x 100 x 110cm. Maximum weight 500kg.
  • Quarter pallet – 120 x 100 x 80cm. Maximum weight 250kg.

Find out more about UK pallets sizes.

Pallet collection – when do you collect the pallet(s)?

We normally make pallet collections in the afternoon, ideally by 4pm. Morning collections and cut-offs later than 4pm need to be arranged in advance, so you’ll need to book a pallet collection.

Can I ship personal effects?

IFL does not handle personal effects as this involves different shipping terms, insurances and exclusions from commercial freight. We can refer these enquiries on to a specialist company.

International pallet delivery – what is the situation during Covid-19?

Due to the outbreak of Covid-19 and certain border closures / restrictions in some countries, IFL cannot during this time guarantee any transit times / departures – apart from our regular freight to Switzerland service. Please check with operations for our latest trailer schedule.

Any further questions?

You can find out more information on our pallet delivery services page.

The IFL team also is available to deal with all enquiries relating to the company’s UK and European operations, long haul services, warehousing and customs clearance facilities.

To get a quotation for any of these services, please call 01675 434690 or email

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