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dangerous goods

Transportation of dangerous goods is a specialised area which requires strict compliance with dangerous goods regulations – from packing to labelling, handling to transport. Dangerous goods can include anything from household items (bleach, perfume, lithium batteries, flammable goods) to industrial products (paint, adhesives, aerosols).

While International Forwarding does not specifically offer the shipping of dangerous or hazardous goods, we are able to offer dangerous goods packaging through our in-house partners.

In conjunction with our specialist partners, Dangerous Goods Packing Ltd (DGP), we are able to provide an extensive range of dangerous goods services including packing, documentation, classification, compliance and DGSA provision.

Operating as our dangerous goods team, DGP has been trained to the high standards required by IATA/ICAO, IMDG and ADR regulations. This ensures that we provide you with a high quality professional service for all of your dangerous goods packing and logistics requirements.

Whether it’s specialist packing using UN-certified boxes, arranging complex dangerous goods documentation or meeting the specific regulations for each transport mode and individual carrier, through DGP we can provide a solution for you.

For quotes and enquiries on dangerous goods packaging, contact DGP or click on the DGP logo below to find out more.

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Featured image: reproduced with kind permission of DGP.


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