5 reasons to outsource pick and pack services

Cargo handling pick and pack

There are both advantages and risks to outsourcing pick and pack services for your business or ecommerce enterprise. In our first post, we outline some of the advantages. Next week, we’ll follow up with some of the checks you should carry out before choosing a pick and pack company.

What is pick and pack?

Picking and packing is a process whereby goods arriving into the warehouse are entered into the stock inventory and warehouse management system. Components are then picked out according to a customer order and repackaged ready for distribution to your customers. This work can be outsourced to specialist pick and pack companies – using such third-party logistics (3PL) can make a business’s supply chain more efficient.

Read more about International Forwarding’s pick and pack services here.  To receive a competitive quotation on your cargo handling or find out about our reasonable storage rates, please do get in touch.

Benefits of pick and pack

International Forwarding (IFL) has many customers who take advantage of our experienced pick and pack fulfilment services. Goods are stored in our secure warehouse facilities at competitive rates and individual orders can be shipped directly to your customers from there. Tailored inventory reports are available and all consignments benefit from our online track-and-trace systems. We can also supply pallets and other types of packaging to suit individual requirements.

If you’re thinking of using a pick and pack service, here are some of the main advantages:

1. Saves time

Turning your consignments into orders that are ready for shipping to customers takes time and care. Outsourcing order fulfilment to trained experts in picking and packing means you can get on with your business and let them get on with the work.

2. Saves on storage costs

At IFL, items can easily and securely be stored at our warehouse, ready for pick, pack and dispatch at the right time to suit you.

3. Personalisation

We work with many brands who have been pleasantly surprised at how our expert picker packers can work to often quite specific requirements for fulfilment and onward distribution. We can often integrate their system into our warehouse systems.

4. Flexibility

If you’re using one company for freight forwarding, it’s much easier to use the same company for logistics and cargo handling. Look for a company that offers such flexibility and is willing to work with you to get this part of your supply chain right – and it means you’ll only have to deal with one supplier.

5. Takes the pain out of the supply chain

A more efficient supply chain is in everyone’s interest and can help you manage your resources better. It particularly suits small and medium-sized enterprises. Pick and pack is just part of our suite of cargo handling and supply chain solutions.

Contact us today to discuss your pick and pack requirements and to receive a competitive quotation on your cargo handling.

Next week: 5 things to watch for when outsourcing pick and pack


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