World’s first flying motorbike

hoverbike prototype

Could manned delivery drones be on the cards in the next few years?

Check out the Hoverbike by Malloy Aeronautics, which shows a scale prototype dropping aid packages, dowsing fires and delivering pizza.

UK engineer Chris Malloy describes it as combining the “simplicity of a motorbike with the freedom of a helicopter”. The company is about to unveil the next iteration of R&D with a teaser video here.

After raising more than £64,000 in crowdfunding to develop the project further, Chris aims to create the world’s first flying motorcycle. But he has competition…

This summer, another British inventor, Colin Furze – a plumber by trade – created his own homemade flying bike from scratch using two floor-facing motors fans mounted on a bike-like frame. There are no brakes or steering, but it looks like a lot of (slightly dangerous) fun. As he says on his test flight video, it’s “unhinged flying bike/human blender but unbelievably it gets off the ground and actually FLIES”.

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