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Seven wonders of the freight world


From container kaleidoscopes and cargo spacecraft to port time lapses and pallet trams, the down-to-earth world of freight forwarding and logistics is a major draw for artist, architects and other experimenting visionaries.

You can see what happens when you have transport and logistics as your canvas on our Pieces of Freight Tumblr, where we’ve been collecting strange freight tales from around the world for the past year.

Here’s our pick of ‘seven wonders of the world’ of freight and logistics for you to enjoy.

1. Birmingham’s pallet maze

Urban Labyrinth was an installation of pallets that took place in our home town of Birmingham by BM3 architects last summer. Read more…

2. Kaleidoscope in a container

Here’s what happened when Japanese designers Masakazu Shirane and Saya Miyazaki took a 40-foot container and filled it with geometric mirrors. Read more… 

3. Delivering cargo into space

See how NASA’s uncrewed Cygnus spacecraft carries more than 7,000 pounds of science and research, crew supplies and vehicle hardware to the International Space Station, and then takes out the trash. Read more… 

4. Dubai’s swirling traffic interchange

It’s no Spaghetti Junction but check out the traffic logistics on this aerial view of circles and arcs in Dubai. The symmetry is astounding. Read more…

5. A pallet tram through Bratislava

Recycled pallet coffee tables and office desks are old hat. See Czech artist Tomas Moravec, who hacked a wooden europallet and put it on rails, skate smoothly through Bratislava along the city’s tram tracks. See his full video here or read more… 

6. Ocean’s kiss

This 1923 postcard shows the romance of travel as Pacific and Atlantic Oceans ‘kiss’ at the Panama Canal. Read more… 

7. Rotterdam time lapse

Ever wondered what the job of captaining a container ship is like? This time-lapse video at Rotterdam port gives a high-speed run-through. Watch for the crow parking himself on the port side for a quick rest. Read more…

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Image of rocket for cargo craft launch: (CC) NASA/Flickr